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จัดจำหน่ายกล้อง Basler  GigE USB3.0 Cameralink Coaxpress ที่ความละเอียด Resolution VGA – 20 MP เช่น acA640-120gm, acA640-120gc, acA1300-60gm, acA1300-60gm-NIR, acA1300-60gc, acA1920-25gm, acA1920-25gc, acA1920-40gm, acA1920-40gc, acA2500-14gm, acA2500-14gc, acA2500-14um, acA2500-14uc, acA2500-20gm, acA2500-20gc, acA2040-180km, acA2040-180kc, acA3800-10gc, acA3800-10gm, aca4600-7gc, acA5472-5gc, acA5472-5gm, acA5472-17um, acA5472-17uc, A601f-2, scA640-74fm, scA640-74fc, scA640-70fm, scA640-70fc, scA640-120fm, scA640-120fc และ โมเดลอื่นๆ 

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Firewire-A cable

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  • End 1 & 2: Firewire 6-pin Male Plug
  • 1394A 6P to 1394A 6P With Screw Locking
  • Wire Gauge: OD 5.7mm
  • Shield Type: Braid
  • Thick cable jacketing with a heavy-duty braided shield for protection

Download:   Firewire-A cable

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