Swing Catalyst Camera

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Swing Catalyst Camera

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Distance from camera to golfer

Camera should be 2.1m away from the golfer with a driver, 1.8m with an iron.


  • Blackfly USB 3 camera
  • Global Shutter Lens (2.8 – 8mm)
  • USB3 cable (5m)
  • Adapter for mount

Download:   Swing Catalyst Camera

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Golf Swing Catalyst

For what reason should you invest in a camera specifically designed for golf instruction?

Various sorts of cameras are ideal for various purposes. In this article we will disclose the critical highlights to consider while choosing a camera for video examination.

  • Beginning FPS

As referenced beforehand, having a high pace of edges every second (FPS) has a major effect for moderate movement video examination. Our cameras have a high FPS benchmark. A higher FPS frequently brings about a lower video goal, so while choosing a camera you need to contemplate what bodes well for your requirements.

  • Compelling pixels

The higher measure of megapixels a camera has, the more pixels it can show in a solitary edge, giving you a higher goal. More megapixels likewise implies bigger records, so you ought to consider what is generally imperative to you.

  • Picture quality

By picture quality we mean things like sharpness and shading balance. Light affectability can regularly bigly affect the apparent quality, perused more about that beneath.

  • Light affectability

Light affectability can be significant relying upon where you are intending to utilize your camera. While high FPS is an incredible element, it isn’t helpful except if you can really observe what is happening in your studio. When shooting inside cameras frequently have less light than is ideal, which can cause quality debasement. All things considered you should forfeit a great deal of picture quality to get a decent catch, or put resources into proficient lighting.

  • Good ways from camera to golf player

The separation between the camera and the golf player is a significant viewpoint to consider while picking the correct camera for you. This separation will rely upon how much space you have accessible where you are doing examination. Various cameras have various sensors, which requires various separations to the golf player to have the option to catch the whole swing. We can help with ascertaining the base required separation which will catch the entire body and golf club in a swing.

  • Global shutter vs Rolling shutter

Buyer cameras ordinarily have a moving shade, which makes protests that move rapidly seem twisted. This may make the club seem twisted during the video playback. All the cameras we suggest have a worldwide screen, which guarantees you keep away from this issue.



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